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Everyday we assist the world's leading publishers in creating their most crucial textbook correlations.

Our Simple 4-step Process



Email us with your project needs, including list of books, the precise standards needed, and your deadline.  We will respond within 24 hours with any additional questions or to set up a meeting. 



Our team conducts a comprehensive analysis of your textbooks and educational standards



We correlate your textbooks, searching both manually and electronically, to ensure a comprehensive correlation.


Delivery & Support

We deliver the final product and provide ongoing support for any future adjustments.

Bookworks Santa Fe has twenty five years of experience in delivering accurate, high quality correlations to the leading educational publishers in the US. Our team of academic professionals has worked on hundreds of textbook adoptions, and completed thousands of correlations since we first opened in 1998 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Our work also includes completion of gap analyses for developing projects, pacing guides, and correlations of exam and test items to state and national standards. Bookworks correlation specialists are capable of completing correlations in multiple subject areas and to any grade level, including adult education and international curriculum standards. We also do Spanish language correlations.

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Two Decades of Excellence in Educational Standards Alignments.

What We Specialize In

Unlock Academic Success with Our Exceptional Services.

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Textbook Correlations

Our capable team is skilled at completing correlations in numerous subjects for both national and state standards. Additionally, our team completes correlations for the international baccalauret.

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Gap Analysis

This is a request we often encounter when a publisher is developing a program, or if there are additional grade levels other than the designated grade level that meet a particular standard.

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Exam and Test Correlations

We correlate textbooks to specific state exam questions/items ensuring comprehensive coverage.

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Content Review

We review textbook content of any type to ensure compliance with ever changing individual state requirements. We also make suggestions to amend content to meet a particular state’s standards.

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Bookworks Santa Fe

About us.

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Bookworks Santa Fe has been working side by side with educational publishers for 25 years. Bookworks was first established in 1998 by Dr. Shannon O’Grady who had previously been editing educational textbooks while completing her PhD in Education.   By 2000, Dr. O'Grady had a trained team of expert correlators to focus only on publishers' correlation needs.  Since that time Bookworks has remained a reliable partner for educational publishers, and today works with several of the world’s leading educational publishers including Cengage Learning, Savvas, and Oxford University Press. These world-class publishers are just some of the clients Bookworks frequently works with to complete their correlation project needs.

Bookworks Santa Fe's full-time experienced correlators all have degrees in a variety of academic disciplines and have been working with Bookworks for over a decade. This professional team is dedicated to producing excellent correlations that always meet deadlines. Bookworks does correlations in all subject areas: English, Math, Spanish, Social Sciences, Geography, Science, Career and Technology and more!


Our Bookworks Team

Meet Our Expert Textbook Alignment Specialists.

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What They Say About Bookworks

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Bookworks Santa Fe consistently delivers precision, quality, and timely correlations. Their collaboration with our team in creating accurate correlations, comprehensive pacing guides and detailed gap analyses exemplifies versatility and understanding of the industry.   We have been very happy with their services over the many years we have worked together.

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